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This section is open to any on-going research work related to our project. Anybody specialized in fields such as history, linguistics, archaeology, etc., who thinks that his or her research work may contribute interesting information or key data which may fit within the scope of the Gaelaico Project’s research activities will find the necessary space for publishing such items in this section.

Before sending anything, though, please read our terms here


articles and contributions



NOTE: The Gaelaico Project reserves the right to publish the material sent by users or to not publish it. When the material sent to us is of interest to the Gaelaico Project, we will contact users so we can obtain more information. Otherwise, the material will be filed and kept so that it can be used when we find it convenient. All contributions whether they have been published or not, will be used only for the Gaelaico Project. Under no conditions will the information be used for any purpose other than the Gaelaico Project. We guarantee users absolute discretion and privacy relating to any material contributed.


data needed when sending us material

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if you wish, send us a photograph of yourself so it can be published together with the material sent to us



e-mail address

creation date, title and contents

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format to be sent in pdf, word 2007, etc.

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