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past issues





Extravagant - Jinx

In this paper we will compare some words which we think are adaptations of the Gaelic root gábh to the Romance languages spoken in the west of the Iberian Peninsula. Gábh derives from the Early Irish root gad / gábud, both with meanings related to peril and danger or to the feeling caused by danger or fear.


PUBLISHED: 14/01/2015

Lump - Protuberance

In this paper we compare some Galician words to the Gaelic word cnoc, “hill”, “mound”, from Old Irish cnocc, “lump”, “protuberance”, and we note certain pronunciation changes in some Irish dialects which we think that are perfectly reflected in the Galician words.


PUBLISHED: 16/01/2015


There are words which are hard to change or substitute in the lexicon of every language. In farming communities, the word used in reference to a field has to be an old word, a word that has remained almost unchanged over the years. In this paper we focus on the Galician words agra and agro and we compare them to some Gaelic words with the same meaning and similar phonetic forms.

PUBLISHED: 23/01/2015