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Gaoth Dobhair - Gweedore - Guidoiro - Gaiteira - Gaia (Douro)




Gaoth Dobhair, anglicized as Gweedore, is an Irish place-name. Gaoth means "estuary" and dobhar means "water, stream, river". In this document we analyze their relationship with the place-names Guidoiro, Gaiteira and Gaia (Douro).



Gaoth Dobhair - Gweedore - Guidoiro - Gaiteira - Gaia (Douro)




    Usually, the Galician and Portuguese word broa is always related to the Spanish word borona. The etymology proposed in DRAE is “perhaps from Celtic *borŭna”, a hypothetical term. In this paper we analyze the Galician and Portuguese word a little deeper, as well as other words which we consider directly related to them.



BRÓ - BROA · Cornbread





Usually, verbal paradigms change very Little over the years. In this paper, Séamas Ó Direáin analyzes the functional division of the verb "to be" into the verbs ser and estar. He then compares the Old Irish paradigm to its equivalent in the Romance Languages in the Iberian Peninsula, in Galician in particular.



Prehistory, Linguistics and Galicia: Ancient Connections between Galicia and Ireland