Collaborate with Gaelaico Project. Become a member and take an active part in our team. These are some of the advantages:

A 10% discount on all our online shop items. Advantages of being a member: One of them is that we are offering you a 10% discount on the total sum of your shopping cart. The 10% discount is applicable to all our sales and promotions. T-shirts for the moment, but we will be adding new items shortly.

E-books only for our members. We will publish all our documents in e-book format periodically (indexed, classified themes, etc.) You will not need to be connected to the Internet to read our documents. There will be a continuous updating of information. You will not need to spend any money on paper books!

Papers and documents exclusively for our members: free access to papers and documents published exclusively for Gaelaico Project members.

Explanatory papers of each of our series. Every time a series is completed, we will publish a brief resume of the whole series, explaining in detail all the conclusions we have reached so that anybody can understand them and see them from our point of view.

An invitation to our yearly congress. There will be an international congress promoted by Gaelaico Project every year. Various scholars from different countries will participate in them. If you cannot be there in person, you will have free video access in our members area.

You will be invited to various leisure events promoted by Gaelaico Project in collaboration with the local governments of various municipalities..

Personal answer to your doubts. Do you have any doubts regarding the information given in our papers? Do you know a Galician word or place-name which you think that could be of Gaelic or Celtic origin? Get in touch with us and we will answer your questions.

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